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Savasana at Sunset

A Yoga Summer Series

Presented by Lululemon

Tuesday Evenings @ 6pm (June 12 - Aug 28) 

Join lululemon La Jolla in partnership with the iAM Physical Therapy as we support OG Yoga in a yoga series that will ground our community in relationship and connection. These slow flow and restorative classes during the Summer sunset will create memories that will support an amazing cause.



Physical Therapy



Custom Orthotics



- The iAM Method - 


iAM is dedicated to providing one on one optimal care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. No aides or assistants! Evaluations and treatments are more targeted and focused which means fewer visits and you will get better, stronger, faster! Return to your favorite activities today!


All services at iAM are provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with advanced training in orthopedic neuromuscular evaluation and treatment techniques. The therapist will quickly identify and treat the cause of your problem so you can achieve your goals faster at iAM. 


Our mission is to provide you and the La Jolla community with the tools to achieve optimal movement and function. iAM takes a holistic approach by treating the whole body. The body is like a machine made of up several parts. Optimal movement requires that all parts of the machine operate together efficiently. 

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