Welcome to iAM Physical Therapy and Wellness!

I am beyond excited about the opportunity to share ideas and cultivate conversations with you, my friends and clients, regarding all aspects of life, our bodies, and how physical therapy plays an important role in the longevity of our optimal health, wellness, and happiness!

iAM Jessica Wiley, owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy, at iAM Physical Therapy and Wellness. I have a passion for the human body and marvel at its capabilities. It is truly amazing how limitless the body can be when we provide an environment that fosters the tender, love, and care it craves. I too am a patient and living proof of this. June 2014 I fractured my T5 vertebra in a bicycle accident. For months I was in intense pain and sometimes wondered if my back would ever be the same again. With the proper rehab and training, I ran my first marathon one year later. It still amazes me!

Sometimes it is not easy to understand what our body needs. Our body is a complicated machine made of up of several mechanical parts as well as a software system (aka the brain), which not even the best scientists in the world have quite figured out. 

Does your body need rest... or does it actually need progressive loading? Are you weak because you lack strength or do you lack motor control to maximize your muscular capacity? Is the location of your pain really the cause of your pain? Your MRI is normal... so why do you have pain? 

These are not always easy questions to answer. But with a little detective work and team work, we can identify what is the true cause of your problem and come up with a plan of care to address your personal functional goals. How we treat and care for our bodies today has a direct effect on how we function as we get older. The game plan is not only to reduce your pain and optimize your function today, but also to set you up for success down the road. Even when you are 80! 

So lets get started!! Check out the rest of the website to find out more information on iAM Physical Therapy and Wellness services and philosophy. We strongly believe in providing the best physical therapy care possible to enable clients to meet their specific functional goals with faster, better, and longer lasting results. I will be updating the blog on a weekly bases with input on new articles, self management techniques, and innovative exercises all related to optimizing your overall health, wellness, and happiness. Cheers to a better, stronger, and faster you!