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Nutrition is a large portion of our overall health, wellbeing and injury recovery. People don’t develop health issues overnight. While they might suddenly become noticeable sick very quickly, in general, chronic health issues have been developing for years by the time they are detected. For example, if someone has a heart attack, this is a sudden expression that the body has been cultivating problems in its cardiovascular system for a long time through lifestyle, environment, and diet. The same is true for cancer and other chronic issues society is developing at an alarming rate.

As the Physical Therapy practice advances towards a more integrative model, this motion symbolizes an acknowledgement of the rehab professional’s broader role as a health care provider. Physical therapists are uniquely positioned to offer patients more comprehensive lifestyle-related education including discussion of nutrition.

Both the World Health Organization (WHO, 2008) and the Physical Therapy Summit on Global Health (Dean, et.al, 2014) have called upon all health care providers to stand in unity to help the public with epidemics of lifestyle-related diseases; the APTA has given it’s nod of approval as well.

The motion states: “as diet and nutrition are key components of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of many conditions managed by physical therapists, it is the role of the physical therapist to evaluate for and provide information on diet and nutritional issues to patient, clients, and the community within the scope of physical therapist practice. This includes appropriate referrals to nutrition and dietary medical professionals when the required advice and education lie outside the education level of the physical therapist*.” Further, “this motion clearly incorporates the intent of the new Vision Statement for the Physical Therapy Profession by transforming society and improving the human experience.” (APTA, 2015)

At iAM Physical Therapy, we believe nutrition is a powerful tool for creating change in the human body and that in addition to preventing disease it can also bring abundant energy, tremendous vitality and optimal health to the lives of individuals.

We are now offering nutritional services with the goal of providing clients with the tools and skills to create positive lifestyle transformations as well as the knowledge and self-confidence to embrace these transformations as lifelong habits.

As part of your individual sessions you will learn how to make lifestyle changes and improve your eating habits in order to move toward a healthier version of you. You will also set realistic goals and learn practical ways to achieve them. 

Whether your goal is to lose weight, control a chronic condition, reduce your risk of disease or maximize your athletic performance, participating in our nutritional services program will help you realize it.

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