5 Best Places in La Jolla to Improve Overall Wellness and Enhance Your Physical Therapy Treatment

Life can be pretty distracting these days. If we're not glued to our computers at work, chances are we’re looking at our phones following the latest news or checking out a friend’s pictures from the weekend. We can spend so much of our time out of touch with what’s happening around us, right here, right now.

It’s important to sometimes disconnect from distractions that won’t matter in a few weeks time and instead, invest our energy into things that nourish our body, heart, and mind.

Luckily, La Jolla offers plenty of beautiful places and fun spots to be mindful and healthy. The following are iAM Physical Therapy’s top 5 picks of places and businesses that inspire us to disconnect and reconnect to ourselves. Each one of these offers something new and unique to try out. 

1. The Beach 

We are so lucky to live in a city surrounded by so much natural beauty. Even thought there were quite a few places competing to be on our list, we couldn’t help but admit that there’s nothing like the beach to bring some calm and tranquility into our lives.

With blue waters, slow waves, and palm trees to our backs, La Jolla Beach was one our first picks. Chances are good you might run into marine life on its shores, which seem to go on forever in both directions.

Take a tip from the seals laying out in the sun and let go of your stress-lay out your mat wherever you’d like, take a deep breath and smell the ocean breeze, and feel your muscles stretch and bend as you practice your physical therapy exercises. Check out a few examples of exercises we’ve suggested in our past blog posts to try out.

2. BirdRock

If you’re more in the mood to get your body moving, we recommend long walks along the palm tree-lined streets and beautifully manicured houses in the seaside neighborhood of Bird Rock. This beautiful area, which lies at the southernmost end of La Jolla, also offers breathtaking lookouts to discover and explore.

Make sure to take some moments at the end of your workout to slow down, stretch, and take in the breathtaking sunset over Bird Rock’s rocky coastline before you head back home. Read over our past blog post on the importance of stretching, if you’re not quite convinced it’s worth those extra few minutes.

However, we don’t think this will be too much to ask once you're staring out at the horizon at Bird Rock. There’s nothing like the sound of slow waves crashing onto the rocks to bring us back to the present moment, and how happy and strong our body feels after a good workout. 

3. PB Yoga and Healing Arts  

If you’re looking to get your body bending in more ways than one, it’s time for yoga. The practice of yoga has been shown to have a list full of positive effects on our body, such as improving flexibility, building muscle mass or maintaining muscle strength, improving cardiovascular and respiratory function, increasing proprioception and balance, and decreasing aches and pains.  Its benefits to the mind are just as powerful, with research showing it’s ability to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and improve sleeping habits and quality of life (article).

With a mission to “inspire and encourage those who are in search of a deeper, more fulfilling purposeful life,” PB Yoga and Healing Arts studio offers a variety of yoga classes to help you kick start your practice. While actually just outside of La Jolla in North Pacific Beach, the bright, open space and calm feel of this studio is worth the trip.

Renew your mind and body with Healing Flow Yoga or Power Up - Power Down class, or ditch the drinks and find a healthier way to de-stress by coming to Happy Hour Yoga.

PB Yoga and Healing Arts also offers Gyrotonic Pilates class, which increase your range of motion by working your joints, while also moving fluid through your body through unique therapeutic exercises. We love this studio for its quiet and serene oasis it offers us in the city, as well as for the sense of community its owner, Kate, has created.

4. F45 Training 

If you’re looking to get your heart really pumping, though, check out F45 Training. We often don’t realize how hard it is to stay motivated, while trying to develop the perfect balance of strength training and cardio. Cue a fitness studio with a team of trainers specialized in holding us to our highest workout standards.

If you are looking for a complete overhaul of your wellness routine, try their 8 week challenge. Complete with meal planning, seminars and a 45 point plan that guarantees results. 

5. Beaming 

Whatever workout you end up doing, we recommend you replenish your body’s energy with nourishing and wholesome food at one of our favorite spots, Beaming. Grab some healthy snacks and organic cold-pressed juice or a superfood smoothie if you’re on the go, rich in protein and antioxidants.

Their cafe is also perfect to get some take out next time you're having a relaxing night in or during one of your lunch breaks on a busy day, proving that grabbing a quick bite to eat doesn't have to compromise the quality of your food. Their café selections are all plant based, organic, gluten and dairy free, and GMO and preservative-free superfoods.

Make sure to also check out their wide variety of great products at their store. From a range of cleansing diets, to superfood powders (dreaming about all the things we could make with that cacao powder!), to amazing butters, like cashew cardamom butter, your whole body, not just your taste buds, will leave happy. 

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful city that inspires us to become our healthiest, strongest selves. We know we suggested disconnecting from screens at the beginning, but we take it back… send us a selfie or two from one of our top 5 picks or from a place that inspires you! Tag @iamphysicaltherapy on Instagram.