January | iAM


Reviving iAM Treatment Session

Restore your body’s natural alignment and functional strength to keep you active by enhancing athletic performance, alleviating nagging pain and preventing injuries from happening in the first place. This one-hour session includes a complete posture and functional movement assessment, advanced orthopedic modalities including joint and soft tissue mobilizations, and targeted exercises that correct limitations that keep you from doing the activities you love. (Individual iAM Price: $175 per session)

Realigning Yoga Session

Realign with your mind and body in 2019 with a one-hour private yoga session focusing on heart opening poses and an intentional flow. Whether you are looking to take your practice to the next level or new to yoga, this session is tailored to meet your needs. (Individual iAM Price: $125 per session)

Resetting 7-Day Meal Plan

Anyone else feel like they need to hit the “reset button” after the holidays to refocus and get their nutrition back on track? This delicious, 7-day meal plan will jump-start your digestive system and metabolism leaving you feeling energized, refreshed and motivated to stick to your healthy habits in 2019. (Individual iAM Price: $125 per meal plan)

Refreshing iSWEAT Infrared/Vibration Session

Refresh your system with a 60-70 minute combo session (infrared and vibration) at iSWEAT Lodge. Infrared/vibration treatment has many benefits including improved circulation that flushes out toxins, renewed skin leaving you with a fresh glow, and maximized relaxation of sore muscles and joints. (Package deal only! Valued at $75)

Revitalizing KOI Wellbeing Nutrient Injection

Ready for a boost?! Take advantage of one nutrient shot at KOI Wellbeing. Nutrient injections are formulated to meet a variety of needs such as immune support, improved energy levels, enhanced fat metabolism, and maximized detox. There are 12 to choose from or customize one to your own needs. (Package deal only! Valued between $35-$65) 

Valued at $565