Fitness Assessments:

Whether you are interested in starting a new fitness program or looking to enhance your athletic performance, a fitness assessment is a great place to start. Fitness assessments are one hour and include a full body evaluation of posture, range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, strength, power, endurance, and balance. Assessments help identify areas for improvement not only to prevent injury, but also to hone in on what treatment options are required to maximize your overall performance. 

Running Clinic: 

Running is our passion too! Our running clinic is here to help you prevent/manage injuries. Running assessments are a 90 minute full-body comprehensive evaluation including flexibility and strength screening, video gait analysis, footwear evaluation, and on the spot advice to improve your running potential. 

Performing Arts Clinic: 

Dancing is a very dynamic art form requiring full ROM, strength, and stabilization involving all joints of the body. iAM has advanced knowledge and skill needed to assess and treat the dancer's body including injury prevention and management, alignment correction, and movement retraining to maximize the dancers performance. BRAVO! (iAM Physical Therapy is the official physical therapist to the City Ballet of San Diego)